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Rock-a-Bye Baby

Rock-a-Bye Baby
Hazel Quintanilla By (artist)
Board book
USD $7.99
CAD $9.99


6.5 X 7.8 in
14 pg

2 - 4 ( Intrest Age )
AD190L (Lexile Code)


"A fun refresh of a childhood standard." —Kirkus Reviews

"This charming update of an old classic makes a humorous addition to all collections." —School Library Journal

Sing along to the time-honored nursery rhyme!

Rock-a-Bye Baby is illustrated for very young children by Hazel Q and features an adorable sloth high up in the jungle trees just trying to rock her baby to sleep. This sturdy board book is designed to withstand lots of love and learning, making it a wonderful addition to baby's first library.

Hazel Q. Nursery Rhymes celebrate children's best-loved read along nursery rhymes and songs. Nursery rhymes are the classic introduction for babies and young children to the idea of storytelling. While delighting in the rhyming words and appealing illustrations, children are boosting their language development and learning social skills.


A playful, sloth-centered interpretation of the classic lullaby.

It’s nighttime, and animals are snuggled up in the treetops with their babies: owls, big cats, snakes, and the stars of the story: sloths. And so the familiar words begin as an adult and baby sloth rock on a tree branch. When the wind “blows,” the “cradle” (the adult sloth’s body) begins to rock until the “bough breaks,” and the two land on the ground—safely—the parent relieved, the baby gleeful. This silly interpretation breathes new life into the centuries-old rhyme. The slow realization that the branch is about to break is apparent on the adult sloth’s face. The heavy-lidded eyes and look of slight concern, followed by the shock of understanding, clue readers in to the inevitable impending fall. The cartoonlike illustration depicting the fall shows the snap and drop, with just a single sloth arm clinging to a tree branch visible at the bottom of the page. It’s sure to elicit a smile from knowing adult readers. It’s not often that something old is redone so convincingly and simply, but this one hits the mark.

A fun refresh of a childhood standard.Kirkus Reviews

In this visualization of the well-known nursery rhyme, the sleeper is a baby sloth, the cradle a long-suffering sloth parent hanging from a tree. The bough does indeed break, in a hilarious beat of freeze-frame cartoon panic. Not to worry, though; everyone arrives on the ground alive and unharmed. In her amusing flat-textured illustrations, Quintanilla ably captures the distinct mixture of joy and exhaustion familiar to all new parents. VERDICT This charming update of an old classic makes a humorous addition to all collections.School Library Journal

Author Bio

Hazel Quintanilla has a passion for illustration. She has spent her life mastering a wide variety of media. She has worked on over twenty series in the US, England, and India. Hazel lives and works in Guatemala with her husband and their three cute dogs.